EKNA’s mission is to organize the voice, concerns, and the action of East Kensington residents. 


The East Kensington Neighbors Association was founded in 2004 with help from the community organizing arm (the NAC) of the NKCDC. Geographically,  East Kensington is bounded by Norris Street to the South, Frankford and Trenton Ave to the East, Lehigh Ave to the North, and Front Street/Kensington Ave to the West. Boundaries include both sides of all boundary streets.

EKNA is a Registered Community Group (RCO) with the Philadelphia City Planning Commission for properties within our designated boundaries.




Find out more about our organization, our monthly meetings, governance and bylaws.

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WHat We DO

Learn more about the committees working to make a difference in our community, including local initiatives and past projects. 

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