EKNA’s governance structure features a Board of Directors, which includes an Executive Committee of four officers and five Board Members at Large. All terms are for two-years.

  • President:              Madison Graboyes – Elected November 2017
  • Vice-President:      Michael Morrison – Elected November 2017
  • Treasurer:              Nic Esposito – Elected November 2017
  • Secretary:              Foster Hardiman – Elected July 2017
  • Board Member:    Jeff Carpineta – Elected November 2017
  • Board Member:    Jacelyn Blank – Elected November 2017
  • Board Member:    Stephanie Koenig – Elected November 2017
  • Board Member:    Andrew Ortega – Elected November 2016
  • Board Member:    Jason Grenell – Elected November 2016

If you’d like to get in touch with a board member via email, please email


Part of EKNA’s mission is to promote leadership within the community.

If you have an idea or expertise for an initiative or effort, let us know by writing to