Community Affairs & Public Safety

Thank you for your interest in being well-informed about community affairs and public safety in the EKNA community. 

Police Resources & Tips

  • Call 911! If you see a crime in progress or notice a crime has occurred and need immediate police response, please call Police Dispatch at 911
  • Please report ALL CRIMES. The police cannot address issues that are not reported and staffing decisions (ie how many police assigned to each district) are affected by crime statistics. If crimes are not reported, it looks like crime levels have not changed.
  • When you report a crime, please be as specific as possible!
  • Non-emergency police issues or questions can be brought directly to the 26th District Police by calling (215)686-3260 or by emailing < >
  • Police officers from the 26th District attend most EKNA monthly general meetings (6:30pm on the third Monday of the month) to summarize recent neighborhood crime incidents and trends and to answer questions.  Police officers are available before each meeting starts for more private, one-on-one conversations with neighbors who have questions and concerns.

City Non-Emergency Issues

  • To report a “drug house” or similar nuisance property, please call the District Attorney’s Public Nuisance Task Force at (215) 686-5858.
  • Most non-emergencies and public nuisance issues (pot holes, trashed lots) can be dealt with by calling 311 or (215) 696-8686 or by using the 311 App (iTunesAndroid)
  • Code Blue / Code Gray / Code Red Days- During extreme weather condition days, the City implements extraordinary measures to preserve the lives of chronically homeless individuals. If you see a person living outside in unsafe conditions during a code blue day, please call (215) 232-1984. Please call 267-385-3800 to report an animal left outdoors.

Cameras & Recording Crimes

  • Video cameras are a deterrent to crime and help with prosecution. Low-cost residential outdoor video camera recording systems can be purchased and installed on your property. The police recommend cameras with a wide field of vision.
  • If you own or operate a business, the City of Philadelphia can reimburse you for half the cost (up to $3,000) of a video security system through its SafeCam program.
  • Homeowners and business owners should register their camera with the SafeCam program (you will not have to be involved with any court proceedings).
  • Even if you can’t afford a security camera, the “Smile, You’re On Camera” stickers can be a great deterrent.

Safety Tips for Your Block

  • Keep your porch light on over night to maintain a brighter street. It will help reduce crime on your block. Consider investing in a programmable LED bulb (GE Connected) to cut down on wasted energy and so you never forget to turn it on.
  • Cleaner blocks are safer blocks. When your neighborhood looks clean and well-kept, criminals are less likely to risk targeting your street.
  • Get to know your neighbors! Not only is it a great way to enjoy your block, you will be better able to spot unusual behaviors or people loitering around who don’t live on your street.